Will it Cereal? Simple, Hilarious up-front game.

High angle view of a bowl of multi-colored cereal

From Frosted Flakes to Lucky Charms cereal is just all around an amazing breakfast food. That is until youth ministries play a game trying to invent new types of cereal. A couple of years ago, Jason Scott introduced us to a game called “Will it Taco?”.  Now we have “Will it Cereal?”. Who doesn’t like cereal?!

This idea comes from Rhett & Link, hosts of the hilarious “Good Mythical Morning” YouTube videos. First they made a video called “Will it Taco?” and followed that up another hilarious video about cereal.  


Get a bowl (or cup), some spoons, milk and make sure you have a trashcan.

Think of things that would be good as cereal and things that in no way should ever be cereal.

  • Oreos
  • Skittles
  • Coffee beans
  • Vienna sausages
  • Tuna
  • Mayonnaise

Make sure to have a couple of ladlefuls of those items ready to cereal, and milk.

Invite 2 students up at a time. Give them instructions that they will both take at least one spoonful of “cereal” and make the determination as to whether it cereals or not. If they both decide “it cereals,” then it cereals. If they both decide “it doesn’t cereal,” then “it doesn’t cereal!”

If they disagree, we take the fun to the next level.

When we played, we brought a college student up and if the students didn’t agree on whether the item cerealed or not, the college student had to eat it. It became a challenge to make the college student eat every item we had. It also helped get the crowd involved and cheering for them to not agree.


  • Bowls/cups (two per round)
  • spoons (two per round)
  • Trashcan (for the bowls and any… replays of the bites)
  • Crazy ingredients

Image attribution: Purestock / Thinkstock


Mike has been working in student ministry for around 10 years now. He got his start in student ministry as an intern at St. James United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL, and after a few years he was hired as an associate over the middle school. He is currently serving in Mobile, AL as a youth minister at Christ United Methodist Church. Mike has a passion for building relationships with students and to teach them about God’s love and grace. You can follow Mike on Twitter: @mikeyrollins and on Instagram: @mrollins83