Will It Taco?


Are you ready for the funniest eating game ever?  We combine everything under the sun with everyone’s favorite food container: the taco.


This idea really comes from the minds of Rhett & Link, hosts of  the hilarious “Good Mythical Morning” YouTube videos. In one of their funniest videos, they basically find different foods to put in taco shells and ask “Will it Taco.” And an epic youth group game is formed.


Find the “stand up” taco shells for this activity…much easier to use.

Come up with some interesting items to fill the tacos with. Use Rhett & Link’s video to come up with some things or use the list below:

  • Cheetos
  • Gummy Worms
  • Waffles
  • Cupcakes
  • Shrimp and Goat cheese
  • Milk and cereal

Make two plates with one taco each of whatever concoction you come up with. Design about 5-6 different taco masterpieces.

The objective is to be creative and funny. There is no competition. Simply invite 2 students up at a time. Let them eat at the same time. If they both decide “it tacos,” then it tacos. If they both decide no or one does and one doesn’t, then “it doesn’t taco!”

If you have the AV capabilities, make slides that say “IT TACOS” and “IT DOESN”T TACO” to put up when they decide. Also make a primary slide that says “WILL IT TACO?” to start the activity off. You can even play Mariachi band music in the background to give some flare.


  • Stand up taco shells
  • Weird taco ingredients
  • “It Tacos” and “It doesn’t taco” slides

For more of Rhett and link, check out my personal favorites (their local TV commercials):


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