Writing a Guest Post for Seedbed

Writing a Guest Post for Seedbed

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If you would like to submit a guest post for Seedbed we ask you to carefully review the following guidelines.

  1. The content must be original to you. It cannot be published anywhere else, online or in print.
  2. Your post should be in the range of 300 to 800 words.
  3. Please include the contents of the post in the body of the email. Please also attach the contents in HTML format in an MS Word or Pages document. Please send to:
  4. Please send a brief biographical sketch for inclusion at the end of the article. You may include pre-formatted links to your own website or blog and a link to your twitter username. (Please—no keyword spamming here).
  5. Please include the size of your readership: number of blog readers, Facebook friends, fans, Twitter Followers and number of circles you inhabit on Google +.
  6. If your article is selected for publication, you are encouraged to write a short “teaser” post on your own site directing your readers to read your article on Seedbed.
  7. Seedbed reserves the right to edit the piece though any substantive edits will be sent for your approval prior to publication.

We will work to get you a prompt response (within 1 week) on whether we will publish your submission or not. If we choose not to use your submission, you of course are free to use it as you see best. It will not be feasible for us to provide any rationale for our decision.


  • Articles aimed at Leaders (clergy or lay) dealing with their own formation (theologically, spiritually, vocationally, etc.)  from fresh angles you are discovering in your own life and ministry.
  • Articles aimed at 21st century life around topics germane to the every day lives of people trying to follow Jesus– wisdom in parenting, family discipleship/catechesis, spiritual practices, social wisdom for social media, how to think theologically about work, trending topics re: faith and culture. (we are looking for posts with down-streamable likelihood. i.e. a pastor might read it and pass it on to his congregation, a mom might read it and pass on to her friends, etc.)
  • Articles aimed at resourcing thought leadership in the culture and various sectors of society.
  • Articles exemplifying innovative ministry and mission and articulating best practices for doing ministry and mission in the 21st century.


  • Downstream-ability (people think of others they want to share with)
  • Culturally attuned without incendiary culture bashing
  • Intellectually fresh without “scholar-speak”
  • Theologically focused without “sectarian branding”


  • Why most men would rather get a root canal than visit a men’s bible study
  • 3 things the Church can learn from the Republican Presidential Primary Race
  • What preachers can learn from Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert about message development
  • Did Jesus believe in Limited Atonement?
  • Why organized sports on Sunday isn’t that big of a deal
  • Thinking theologically about the Occupy Wall Street movement (or What the Occupy movement has (or doesn’t have) in common with the Early Church)
  • The difference in Civil Unions and Gay Marriage and why it matters.
  • Why Tim Keller reminds me of John Wesley
  • 3 ways to talk to your children about sex before they are 10
  • How to deal with the fact that  your teenager sent 3,245 texts last month.
  • What the spouses of ministers think but are afraid to say
  • Why Evernote can never substitute for human memory.
  • On the realities of hell predestination and the goodness of God


Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post” by Michael Hyatt (on whom we have relied in preparing these guidelines)

9 Ways Become an Exceptional Guest Poster” by Darren Rowse

Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest” Post by Jeff Goins. They both contain some very helpful tips to maximize your post.

How not to get a guest post published on a blog [in 11 easy steps]” by Darren Rowse.


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