Xavier’s Powerful Story about Race and Reconciliation — Awakening Stories

Xavier’s Powerful Story about Race and Reconciliation — Awakening Stories

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Xavier Brandon is a leader from Vertical Church ATL in Atlanta. This past year, at New Room Conference, he attended the racial reconciliation panel and was challenged by the Holy Spirit to act.

Xavier felt compelled by the Spirit to pray for those who were in the aisles after the panel, seeking reconciliation. The first thing he thought to do is a step we all need to take continually. He prayed that God would remove any unintended or subconscious prejudices he held due to his own past experiences.

Then, as soon as he was done praying, God brought the next step to him. An older white gentleman approached asking for Xavier to pray for him.

The man told Xavier,

“I grew up in a church that, they would preach over the pulpit that black people had no souls. I didn’t want to believe it, but I grew up and never had an affinity for, and never reached out to, another black person, before. And I was wondering if you could pray for me.”

So Xavier prayed—boldly. He prayed into the man the truth that he is a new creation and prayed against any wickedness residing in him. The power of this prayer that God spoke through Xavier was clear. He describes that there was something visibly different, that even “[the man’s] countenance had changed.”

What’s powerful to me is the paramount role prayer plays in an awakening. Whether in the story we told last month, about Matt’s church, or in seeking for God to bring racial reconciliation, prayer is essential.

Watch Below Xavier’s Full Story about Race and Reconciliation