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Revive us, Abba Tell the dead to try again Reshape us, Abba Point our pasts to where they end Respond to us, oh Lord We need to...

We are one in the Spirit There are no colors on our souls No pigments that have seeped deep enough to breach       the depths of...

The first World Missionary Conference marked the beginning of a unique era in global Christianity.

Loving people who think differently than we do is some hard stuff, maybe now so more than ever. But it is possible. And so incredibly necessary. 

How do we show justice and grace? By loving God and others. We shouldn’t be forced to choose one or the other. We need both.

Facing injustice is a part of the humble posture that prepares the way for awakening.
video Like all of you, we are grieved at the enormous pain and suffering in our nation surrounding the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor,...
Xavier Brandon vertical church atl racial reconciliation

Xavier Brandon is a leader from Vertical Church ATL in Atlanta. This past year, at New Room Conference, he attended the racial reconciliation panel...

In seasons of hardship, the eternal God is our hope and the source of renewal for an abundant future.

A focus solely on compassionate ministry can inoculate a Christ-follower from ever becoming a bold and effective witness for Jesus.

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