Young and Old Belong in Discipleship Together

Is it true that we must confine ourselves to like-minded and age-specific social circles, even in church? How can we go about cultivating intergenerational discipleship? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Aaron Calhoun shares his own faith journey through discipleship and encourages both young and old to be open to growing together as disciples of Jesus.

Are you interested in learning more about intergenerational discipleship and gaining a better understanding of young adults? Christians who create family-like communities of belonging will reverse downward trends of faith, reach and form young adults, and can help pioneer the next great awakening. Get Forged: Young Adults and the Renewal of the Church from our store here.

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  1. Found your post from 7 minute seminary…I’m in my late 60’s and have enjoyed multigenerational friendships since my early teens. Continue life as of later years and be ever so blessed. I will be following you and praying for your good journey. God bless you and yours. Angie

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