2012 Year In Review: Top 12 Posts

2012 Year In Review: Top 12 Posts

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1. Top 20 Youth Group Games

Lindsay Bodkin

I learned something recently: in youth ministry, games are important. I mean really important. They help build community and make the students feel comfortable participating in group discussions about Bible lessons. But the problem is finding good games. So here are 20 of the all-time best youth group games.

2. Is Premarital Sex a Sin? Bible Scholars Respond


How does the Bible imagine marriage and sexuality? What evidence is there that sex is only condoned by God in the context of marriage? In this article, a team of biblical scholars respond with clues from the biblical text and world.

3. Why Abstinence Isn’t Working in America

Guy Chmieleski

80% of young, unmarried Christians have had sex. 66% of them have been sexually active in the past year. And yet three-quarters of evangelical Christians believe this is wrong. Clearly Abstinence isn’t working for Christians in America. So what’s the root of the problem and how does the Church deal with it?

4. Is Homosexuality a Core Issue?

Howard Snyder

Howard Snyder offers four reasons that the acceptance or non-acceptance of homosexual practice is a core issue for Christian faith. He also urgers the church to relate using unqualified compassion and understanding.

5. 12 Things I Wish My Pastor Told me in Pre-marital Counseling

Kelly Grace

Let’s face it. Pre-marital counseling will never entirely prepare us for marriage. For Kelly Grace, experience was her teacher. As we continue our Valentine’s Week series, Kelly shares 12 things her Pastor didn’t cover in pre-marital counseling.

6. 9 Ways to Deform Your Soul (For Sure)

Marilyn Elliot

There are several common things we do that can add up to make a big negative impact on our lives. Asbury Seminary’s Vice President of Community Formation shares 9 things that you have probably done, that you should watch out for.

7. Surviving the Hunger Games

Tim Shangle

Seedbed is pleased to release “Surviving the Hunger Games: A Conversation Guide” as a FREE RESOURCE. The resource aims to foster theological and philosophical conversations with students around the themes of The Hunger Games movie. Download and share widely.

8. How Artists Do Theology

Philip Tallon

“Preparing for a class on Christian doctrine, I’ve been perusing the great artists, to see what they have to say about the Christian faith. Painters, for better or worse, do theology and even biblical interpretation when they set brush to canvas…”

9. Whitney, If Only We Had Always Loved You…

J.D. Walt

The Saturday (evening) Post is a weekly column by J.D. Walt, Seedbed’s Sower in Chief. This week he writes about Whitney Houston and the failure of humanity in the wake of celebrity. “We admire our memory of her great vocal feats but for the most part, she was already dead to us. In the end, she was more like us than we wanted her to be and less god-like than we could tolerate.”

10. How to Reclaim Wesleyan Class Meetings

Kevin Watson

The place where transformation happened in the Wesleyan tradition was always the class meeting. But overtime this powerful tradition has largely been abandoned. We will show you how you can reclaim class meetings at your church.

11. 8 Things Wesleyans Need to Learn from Neo-Calvinism

Caleb Friedeman

What is it that makes a movement great? In today’s article, Caleb Friedeman offers important insights into the success of the new calvinism movement—what Time magazine listed as one of the top 10 ideas that are changing the world.

12. Why Youth Ministries Are Not Working In America

Adam Mclane

Is the Church effectively reaching teenagers? Study after study is revealing that there’s certainly room to improve student ministries. Today guest poster and lifelong youth worker, Adam Mclane, walks you through how many children in your area you could be reaching and offers some tips to help grow your student ministry.


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