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Day: March 13, 2015


We did this small group after a message on loyalty (message points are included as well). Is loyalty given or earned? How do you decide? Who are you loyal to? How do you find loyal friends?

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Who Cares What You Believe? Understanding the Connection between Creed and Conduct

According to one of the most recent national surveys, 74% of Americans believe in God. That may be good news…until you ask two important questions. First, why did only 74% believe in God when 82% did the year before? Second, and perhaps more relevant, what exactly is it that 74% of Americans believe about God? In today’s post, David R. Smith explains how what you believe will show in your life.

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Growing Older Without Growing Old: J. Ellsworth Kalas

What is the key to vibrant life and spirituality during the long years of life? In the first installment of the Soul Care Collective’s Aging and Spirituality Video Series, Dr. Ellsworth Kalas shares his secret to aging gracefully: growing older without having to grow old.

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