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Day: September 9, 2015

Networking in a New Church

Networking is the art of meeting new people to expand the knowledge of your brand and show you care about your community. It is not just to meet new people to invite to your church.

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Add it Up

This quick and easy game is a great way to get students and adults mixing and getting to know each other. All you need is a group, some paper and a couple pencils to get the conversation started!

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Preaching With Soft Hands

Not too long ago I had to preach on divorce. By had I mean I had no other choice. If given the option, I would have avoided it altogether. I would have dug under it, flown over it, or march all the way around it.

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Becoming More Than A Worship Leader: Abide

I was a musician who should be following Jesus. I wasn’t a Jesus-follower who made music. And until I learned to see myself differently, I could play music in any church situation and ultimately never have to deal with the obvious contradiction between my task and my heart.

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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

When the Church Lives in Exile

What happens when the church loses its privileged place in its host culture? What should we make of Jesus praying for us to be “in” but not “of” the world? Watch this Seven Minute Seminary with Dr. Stephen J. Grabill of the Acton Institute as he suggests 3 mistaken ways the church should avoid engaging with culture.

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5 Ways to Cure the Homework Headache!

Homework can be a real source of frustration and contention in any home, leading to a battle zone between teachers, parents and children. Kathy Milans shares 5 ways that we can work toward a cure for the homework headache in our homes.

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