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Add it Up

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This quick and easy game is a great way to get students and adults mixing and getting to know each other.  All you need is a group, some paper and a couple pencils to get the conversation started!

Instruct youth to get into teams of no more than 8 people. Tell participants that they will have a better chance of winning if their group is diverse in age and gender. Invite all adults to join in with teams to play as well with preferably no more than 1-2 adults per team.

Give each team an index card and pen to keep score or instruct teams to select one person to keep score using the calculator on their phone.

For each round, the leader gives a category… for example “1 point for every person on your team wearing shorts.” The scorekeeper should add up your team score for the round and write it on the card or enter into his/her calculator.

The top 2 teams at the end will face off in a finals battle.


  1.       5 points for each person whose birthday is in January or February.
  2.       10 points for each person whose first name can be found in the Bible.
  3.       5 points for each person who was born outside the state of _________ (name of your state.)
  4.       10 points for each person who has traveled outside of the US.
  5.       5 points for each person who went on a youth trip this last summer. (10 points if anyone went on more than one!)
  6.       10 points for each different school represented in your group. (Where you go currently –homeschool counts!)
  7.       5 points for each different grade represented in your group.
  8.       1 point for each pet team members have (fish – maximum of 5 points)
  9.       5 points for each person wearing red.
  10.   5 points for each person with an iPhone on them right now.


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