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Day: November 29, 2016

What I Heard Today

A friend of mine told me this saying by a Rabbi: “It is important to put the Word of God ON your heart every day, so when your heart breaks the Word will fall in.” Having

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By Grace (What is social entrepreneurship?)

What is social entrepreneurship? I have to be honest; I did not know what the term meant. As I began to learn about it, I realized how significant this field is, and how if one leveraged a business with the gospel in mind it could make a powerful impact in the world and lives of others.

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Faithfulness to God’s Word and Church Renewal

The scriptures mark out a path that guides and leads us to God’s future. In our day, as we sense acutely the new challenges presented to the work of the gospel, followers of Jesus must hold to the practice of faithfulness to God’s word as a key habit to cultivate and embody that life. Such a way of life will serve as the fuel for revitalizing existing communities of faith and for the launching of new ones.

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What is Advent? (Episode 29)

The Church Planter Collective has been talking about Advent. I still don’t really get what Advent is or is about. Dr. Brannon Hancock, Professor of Practical Theology and Worship at Wesley Seminary joins us to help answer some questions. What is Advent (arrival)…What is it about (preparation)…How can it be practiced…all come up in today’s final podcast about Advent and Worship in the Church Plant.

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