By Grace (What is social entrepreneurship?)

By Grace (What is social entrepreneurship?)

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What is social entrepreneurship? When I began taking the class “Social Entrepreneurship” with Professor Bosch, I have to be honest; I did not know what the term meant. As I began to learn about it, I realized how significant this field is, and how if one leveraged a business with the gospel in mind it could make a powerful impact in the world and lives of others. I had the chance to see real examples of what Social Entrepreneurship looks like in the world at the Asbury Project (TAP).

During the Asbury Project, we got to meet and chat with various social entrepreneurs and gain a fresh perspective on our own aspirations. As part of the event, we were invited to present business plans for our own ideas. Cash prizes were awarded for the winners.

For example, my good friend, Pastor Johnson Asare has leveraged his businesses into a Muslim ministry outreach in Ghana, West Africa. I had the opportunity to speak with him again and gain valuable insight on how he began his business, as well as discuss new business ideas that he was planning for Ghana.

I enjoyed the speakers’ presentations and valuable feedback at the talkbacks. My project By Grace provides women with meaningful, dignity affirming work in Ghana, West Africa. This project encourages Ghanaian women to partner with American women

I was presented with the fresh idea of creating a customized dress where the purchaser could help design the look that she wanted. I also was given insight on different shipping methods that could be available.

I also enjoyed the mentor session. It gave us a chance to get valuable insight on our proposal and ideas to think about for the future. I felt grateful to sit down with four different mentors. All of these mentors had unique, valuable feedback to give me, and were all very well established. Each mentor helped tremendously to expand my view of  the future possibilities for By Grace, which provides women with meaningful, dignity affirming work in Ghana West, Africa.

Winning the venture made it extra special. To see that our idea could turn into a reality gives me tremendous hope. I was blessed to get the chance to expand on By Grace at TAP. The website for By Grace will be launching very soon and our social outreach looks favorable. For my next steps, I plan on having an internship with Pastor Johnson during the summer of 2015. I hope to learn from him the practical apsects of how a business operates and interview the women in Ghana that we will employ.

By Grace is also looking into working with the Native American women on the Rosebud Reservation. I met with JR Lilly at the TAP event, who challenged me to consider the possibility of incorporating By Grace’s business model to the Rosebud here in the United States.

“A man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). By Grace will continue to walk in God’s way, as God leads us like a loving father leads his children. I am thankful for the TAP project since this was an important step in God’s direction for my life.


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