What is Advent? (Episode 29)


The Church Planter Collective has been talking about Advent. I still don’t really get what Advent is or is about. Can you help me out? Dr. Brannon Hancock, Professor of Practical Theology and Worship at Wesley Seminary joins us to help answer those questions. What is Advent (arrival)…What is it about (preparation)…How can it be practiced…all come up in today’s final podcast about Advent and Worship in the Church Plant.

NotYetChristmas Front CVR SM copyIt’s Not Yet Christmas—get an Advent devotional reader unlike anything you’ve used before. Filled with Scripture, commentary, and poetry, this work by J. D. Walt will challenge your groups to think and live more Christianly in light of Advent. Find advent resources from the Wesleyan Church online at wesleyan.org/advent2016.


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