21 Resolutions for Life in Worship Ministry

21 Resolutions for Life in Worship Ministry

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You can set goals or resolutions at any time during the year. However, the start of the New Year is a natural opportunity to gain momentum for real change by setting new goals and objectives.

Resolutions differ from goals and habits. Resolutions come from our values. They help us live on purpose. These are beliefs we commit to without doubt, hesitation or resistance.

In this new year, consider taking on these or other “firm determinations” to guide your life and ministry.

11 Personal Resolutions

  1. Once a day I will consider the heavens, meditate on the glory of God, and rejoice in the mystery that I am still alive on this beautiful planet.
  2. I will believe I am part of God’s story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. I will believe my life has meaning, even though I may not always comprehend it’s value.
  3. I will believe today is the day the Lord has made. Whether trial or triumph, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
  4. I will resolve to keep it real.
  5. I will not be narcissistic. I will add value to the life of others.
  6. I will be sensitive and aware of the world around me, whether it be of human or natural beauty. I will appreciate all of God’s wonders, including others as He created them to be.
  7. I will embrace childlike faith, but I will not act childish.
  8. I will listen to good music and read good books, particularly the classics of both.
  9. I will live in appreciation of this moment. I will not worry excessively about tomorrow.
  10. I will practice a truly Biblical Sabbath weekly.
  11. I will believe that God is in control, even when all evidence denies this truth. I will strive to live in such a way that I may hear the words “well done good and faithful servant” when I appear on that final day before God Almighty.

10 Resolutions For the Worship Ministry

  1. I will worship more privately throughout the week than I do in public.
  2. I will pray first at home for my pastor, my congregation, and my team before leading public worship.
  3. I will practice positive habits that result in good health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. [Expand to include detailed plan in writing]
  4. I will read, or re-read at least one book per month by thought leaders on worship including: Bob Kauflin, Robert Webber, and Harold Best.
  5. I will help grandparents and grandchildren worship together.
  6. I will teach at least one new congregational song every other month for our Traditional service that is appropriate and strategic.
  7. I will introduce at least one historical hymn every other month in our Contemporary service that is appropriate and strategic.
  8. I will be intentional to grow our congregation’s understanding of worship that is wholehearted and “in Spirit and truth” by spoken and written communications; including, if possible, a class, small group, seminar or workshop on the topic.
  9. I will build bridges of unity across musical styles, preferences and multiple generations by valuing diversity and being intentional to practice inclusiveness.
  10. I will practice the art of pastoral leadership in a forthright, nurturing and competent manner that will result in healthy relationships with leadership, staff, volunteers, the worship ministry and the church community at large.

The first list of “11 Personal Resolutions” was inspired by John Piper’s article “10 Resolutions For Mental Health.” I appropriated his ideas as a catalyst for declaring similar objectives, but with differing language and emphasis. For younger folks, I also recommend checking out “Resolutions” by Jonathan Edwards and “13 Virtues” by Benjamin Franklin as their life maxims have guided many.

The second list of “10 Resolutions For the Worship Ministry” are a compilation of my own ambitions, with one idea borrowed from David Manner’s article entitled “50 Worship Leading Tips Rookies Should Learn and Veterans Should Relearn”.

What about you? What goals and/or resolutions are you committed to? What would you add or subtract?

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