5 More New Songs To Consider for Worship in Lent

5 More New Songs To Consider for Worship in Lent

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A few years ago, I authored a post for Seedbed entitled 5 New Songs To Consider for Worship in Lent, and based on some of the feedback we’ve received, I decided to add a few new songs to that list for those of you who build the liturgies and choose songs for more modern or contemporary services in the local church. The Lenten season has a rich catalogue of songs for us to sing together; I’d encourage you to check these out as possible additions to your church’s Lenten worship:

1. “Humble” – Written by Audrey Assad

An incredible meditation on both the Christ Hymn of Philippians 2:6-11 and John the Baptist’s statement in John 3:30, this song brings Christ’s great love and humility into focus, which can be quite powerful as we walk the road to Calvary together throughout Lent.

2. “Man of Sorrows” – Written by Brooke Ligertwood and Matt Crocker

Our church has taken to this song quite profoundly. Written with a clear hymnic structure, the song leads us through themes of Christ’s love and humility, the atonement and new birth, and ultimately the resurrection. In my opinion, this is one of the better tunes Hillsong has released in the past decade.

3. “Your Blood Covers It All” – Written by Allie Lapointe and David Moffitt

A simple and beautiful song written in part as a reflection on the elements of the Eucharist. This song could be used as part of a beautiful response to the work of Christ at the table.

4. “The Victory” – Written by Phil Wickham

Confession: as a worship designer during Lent, I often have to guard myself from pushing the wonderful victory of Christ out of frame for our congregation. While we are joining Christ on this road to Calvary, we are also lifting up the cross and resurrection as God’ great victory for us over sin and death. This song does this quite well, with a simple verse and chorus structure that soars into a repeated anthem that proclaims the conquering of our enemies and the victory of Christ over them all.

5. “Come and See” – Written by Jason Ingram, Matt Maher, Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin

In my mind, this song would pair well with either the Eucharist or maybe procession of the cross into the church. The lyrics hold out the cross as something to be beheld, taken in, as something that speaks to us the good news of the gospel.


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