6th Day of Christmas: Fanny Crosby, “Sing Hallelujah!”


December 30: Fanny Crosby, “Sing Hallelujah!”

Come to the feet of our infant Redeemer,
Come where today in a manger He lies;
Lift up our hearts in a song of devotion,
Let our hosannas with gladness arise.
Over the plains and the mountains of Judah,
Prophets beheld and His coming foretold;
Sang of the love and compassion that moved Him,
Love that is purer and better than gold.
Tell how He came from His throne up in heaven;
Came to the world as a part of God’s plan.
Hail and exalt him, the Son of the Highest;
Sing hallelujah, again and again!
Come to the feet of our infant Redeemer,
Come in the light of this beautiful morn;

Then in the hearts of the poor and the lowly,
Carry the tidings that Jesus is born. (He is born.)
Sing hallelujah,
Jesus is born!


Dr. Jonathan A. Powers is Assistant Professor of Worship Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary, where he shares his passion for the intersection of liturgy and spiritual formation in the life of the church. Jonathan is the author of 12 Days of Christmas Sermons, and co-author with Jason Jackson and Teddy Ray of Echo: A Catechism for Discipleship in the Ancient Tradition, both published by Seedbed. He and his wife Faith have two daughters.