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Author: Jonathan Powers

Why the Church Has a Liturgy

What is liturgy and why does it matter to the church? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Jonathan Powers explains the power and role of worshipful liturgy in the life of the church.

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2015 Advent Reading Challenge

To read the New Testament in approximately four weeks means tackling large chunks of scripture each day. For some, the task may feel overwhelming. Going through the New Testament so quickly is quite a large commitment to make and a lofty goal to set, but it is a practice I have found to be incredibly good for my soul.

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Music and The Missionary: A Lesson in Context

As much as I believe content to be of the utmost importance in worship, I cannot ignore the fact that context is also crucial. At a basic level, context is how content makes sense. Good theological content is often fruitless without considering the cultural context.

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Sunday Mornings Aren’t Easy

Sunday mornings aren’t easy. In fact, they are often so hectic and eventful that in the mix of all the activity we forget why we have come to church in the first place – to encounter and delight in God.

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