9 Ways to Deform Your Soul (For Sure)

9 Ways to Deform Your Soul (For Sure)

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There are several common things we do that can add up to make a big negative impact on our lives. Here are 9 examples.

  1. Blame everyone else for how your life is turning out.
  2. Choose to believe people do not like you.
  3. Get angry when your plans (even the little ones) get interrupted.
  4. Hold offenses close to your heart.
  5. Refuse to share or give generously.
  6. Be suspicious of people’s motives, even if they are treating you well. After all, you never know.
  7. Keep an eye out for signs that the people around you have more advantages than you.
  8. Get mad at God when bad things happen to you.
  9. Watch a lot of violent TV and movies.



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