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Author: Marilyn Elliott

The Strength of Women

What exactly is the greatest strength a woman has? Marilyn Elliott shares how much a woman can accomplish when her energy is focused where it really matters.

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Reflections on Mother’s Day

What advice would a veteran mother give to a young wife who is considering having a child? Marilyn Elliott reflects on motherhood and some of the true feelings of real mothers on Mother’s Day.

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The Weekly Breather: Crying Souls

Stop. Breathe. Be. Your most authentic self is welcome here. There are enough hard things in this world to set our souls to crying. What if we learned to authentically offer those tears to God? Marilyn Elliott provides this week’s Weekly Breather: Crying Souls

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The Purpose of Crying Out in Sorrow

What is the role of sorrow in life? We all know it is unpleasant, and we want to avoid it at all costs. But, we need sorrow! Marilyn Elliott shares the benefits of sorrow and how it can open us up to real, authentic life which later leads to joy.

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