A Seedbed Call to Action

A Seedbed Call to Action

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At Seedbed we are exploring a variety of “sowing” strategies toward the outcome of a sustained great awakening of global scope. It’s a big dream and yet our work is quite humble in nature. As Paul said so well, he and Apollos played their bit roles in the story but only God, the main player on the stage of human history, could make anything grow.

In our work, we are acting “as if” an awakening were coming soon. When that happens, the People of God must be ready. The Church will need trained, wise and skillful leaders to shepherd the movement in multiple ways. These men and women likely do not need a graduate theological degree, but they will need solid biblical, theological and missional training.

We cannot settle again for an awakening characterized by short lived “decisions for Christ.” This must be an awakening whose hallmark is sustained deep discipleship. John Wesley said it well in his journal:

I was more convinced than ever that the preaching like an Apostle, without joining together those that are awakened and training them up in the ways of God, is only begetting children for the murderer. How much preaching has there been for these twenty years all over Pembrokeshire! But no regular societies, no discipline, no order or connection; and the consequence is, that nine in ten of the once-awakened are now faster asleep than ever.

One of the things we are exploring is the idea of developing a seminary for the overwhelming majority of the Church, the laity. It would be a “seminary for the people.” We are calling it The Seedbed Academy and it would involve our pulling together some of our best instructors to develop an online curriculum aimed at the men and women who make up our local church communities. Far from dumbing anything down, this is a work to translate our richest treasure into a body of teaching aimed to resource the Body of Christ in developing her servant leaders.

Because we know better than to think we know better than you, we need your help. We don’t want to begin the project with our best laid plans and ideas, but rather to actually listen to the men and women who are giving leadership to the local church. We are conducting research to better understand what would best serve the church and prepare for the awakening in developing this kind of school. It would help us greatly if you would take ten minutes, right now, and complete the survey which may be found here.

We know, people hate surveys, but it’s our most direct route into your wisdom short of calling you up, and I don’t think we have your number. (Come to think of it, if you would like to share with us more at length via a phone call, email us at with your cell # and we will be in touch).

So come on– help a sower out. From one hopeful farmer to another—we need your input. Click here now.


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