Assessing the Prosperity Gospel


Dr. Frank D. Macchia assesses the merits of the so-called “Prosperity Gospel.” He begins by highlighting the importance of defining what we mean by prosperity, since it varies from culture to culture, and then proposes a balanced, biblical perspective that is contextually aware.

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Dr. Frank D. Macchia is Professor of Theology at Vanguard University and Editor of PNEUMA: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies. He is also an author and frequent speaker, and works for ecumenical movements such as the National Council of Churches.


  1. I believe that Dr. Macchia’s references to SHALOM is central towards a healthy way of talking about a ‘prosperity message.’ This topic has become a white elephant in the room and it is time – as he is saying – to have a sound theological conversation about it. Thanks Dr. Macchia and Seedbed.