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Seedbed is pleased to announce the release of a new book by Ivan Filby titled, Livestream: Learning to Minister in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Here are some important things to ask ourselves as we minister to others in the area of prophecy.

Paul's instructions to the Corinthians on their use of spiritual gifts is surprising given their dysfunctional application of Spirit ministry.

God is well pleased to give you the full measure of the Holy Spirit.

Spreading the kingdom of God means taking risks, crossing into enemy territory, and being bold and courageous.

We cannot get from shame to grace without going through the cross.

We need more than a tepid, easy-to-swallow, so-called gospel that is void of power, holiness, and transformation. We want a rebirth of New Testament Christianity.

The nature of the church is always to be pressing out to new places and among new peoples as we plant the church afresh in every community.

Augustine was bound in sin and needed to be set free for holy living. This is why conversion cannot be separated from holiness, because this separates the second person of the Trinity from the third person of the Trinity.

Pete Greig writes an honest book about unanswered prayer to help anyone who is hurting find a little comfort and a few answers.

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