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Author: Christopher Peters

5 Ways Christians Can Subvert Black Friday

For some, Black Friday is a fun-filled day of getting the best bargains of the year. For others, it is a ridiculous display of the worst consumerism has to offer. Christopher Peters suggests what might be an appropriate reaction for Christians.

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The Gift of the Church Calendar

The Christian calendar unites us as a worshiping community, and as a community of faith we move forward along the road which leads us to the one whose name we bear. In today’s article, read more from Chris Peters about the gift that the church calendar serves for us.

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Do We Need the Old Testament?

Christopher Peters claims that the most frequently asked question he receives is, “What about the Old Testament?” In today’s article, he sets out to reveal the continuity between the two testaments, and how both show a holistic picture of a loving but holy God.

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