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Author: Craig Keener

Craig and Médine Keener: God’s Impossible Love Carries Us

What kind of love can draw two people’s lives together in a beautiful way and be the continued source of grace and miraculous provision even during a bitter civil war? Watch as Dr. Craig Keener and Dr. Médine Keener share the beginning part of their story of walking with God in the most difficult of times.

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How Christians Should Understand the Old Testament (Series)

What relationship does Jesus have to the Old Testament, the Temple, and the Mosaic Law, and what does this mean for Christians today? In today’s series of Seven Minute Seminary videos, Dr. Craig Keener offers helpful background to help Christians understand the nature of the law and how it bears witness to the work of God in our world.

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Jesus, Justice, and Race

Too often, we see people misusing the Word of God to suit their own agendas. What does Jesus really have to say about justice and race? Dr. Craig Keener explains his journey of exploration through Scripture and what he found there in terms of racial reconciliation.

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