How Christians Should Understand the Old Testament (Series)

How Christians Should Understand the Old Testament (Series)

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Jesus came as the fulfillment of the long-anticipated Jewish Messiah we read about in the Old Testament. While several passages in the New Testament (Rom. 7:6; Eph. 2:15) suggest that under the new covenant Christians are no longer under the Law, Jesus made several statements elevating the Mosaic law (Matt. 5:17; Luke 24:44) and honoring its testimony to his life.

So what relationship does Jesus have to the Old Testament, the Temple, and the Mosaic Law, and what does this mean for Christians today? In today’s series of Seven Minute Seminary videos, Dr. Craig Keener offers helpful background to help Christians understand the nature of the law and how it bears witness to the work of God in our world.

1) The Old Testament Tabernacle

What is the meaning of tabernacle and its design in the Old Testament? What is its significance for biblical interpretation? Read the entire entry here.

2) The Old Testament Laws in Their Ancient Context

Understanding the Old Testament becomes a very enriching experiencing when comparing and contrasting it to other ancient law codes in the Near East. The Read the entire entry here.

3) The Old Testament Laws Today

Should Christians observe the Old Testament Law? Which parts? How should we read the Old Testament as Christians? Read the entire entry here.

4) The Temple in the New Testament

How did the Jews in the first century relate to the Temple in Jerusalem? How did the temple figure into the New Testament Gospels, letters, and theology?

5) Jesus and the Temple

Jesus made bold claims about himself as the embodiment of God’s presence and his relationship to the Temple establishment. What does this mean about his mission, identity, and our vocations as Christians?

6) Continuity between the Old and New Testaments

Does the New Testament make the Old Testament obsolete? Does the New Testament fulfill the Old Testament story and anticipation? How did Jesus relate to the Old Testament Law? Read the entire entry here.

Bonus Content:

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[ARTICLE] Many claim that ancient Israel’s religious identity can be traced to its neighbors, but does this hold up?
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[VIDEO] John Oswalt explores the bold question, Do we really need the Old Testament?

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  1. Just watched several of these video’s and enjoyed them very much and found them very informative. I am a retired Houston Fire Fighter and have been in the church all of my life having been born into a Christian family. I am on the praise team at my church in which I enjoy this form of serving and worshiping very much. I play the drums. My wife and I have been married for 35+ years now with two children and 3 grandchildren. Awesome blessings!

    Please add me to your email if you have this available.
    Rick Kingham

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