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Author: Elizabeth Rhyno

Creating a Mentoring Environment for Your Worship Team

The church is once again beginning to understand how vital discipleship really is. Could your band be a…band? Your worship team can certainly be a ready-made mentoring and discipleship group! Elizabeth Rhyno shares four steps toward creating a mentoring environment for your worship team.

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Rhythm, Rehearsal and Readiness

Rehearsal – of anything – makes us more confident, comfortable, skilled. So when we gather in often to worship, we are in essence rehearsing our faith, becoming more confident of it, more defined by it, and better able to stand on it and articulate it.

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A Different Way to Plan

If you are anything like me, you landed in worship leadership quite by accident. But it was not an accident, and God has handed you the hearts of the people in your congregation. Maybe as you plan the next service on your radar, you can try not starting with a song. Instead, start by envisioning your people, reminding yourself of their stories.

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