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Author: Emily Vermilya

The Economy of Words in Worship

Most of the time, we see the worship leader as providing music while the preacher provides the words. Emily Vermilya shares a different perspective of how the worship leader and the pastor are to work together to tell and retell the story of God.

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The Importance of Intergenerational Worship

While there is great value in offering ministries that are geared toward reaching and discipling people with age-appropriate tactics, the importance of intergenerational worship cannot be understated. The corporate worship gathering of the church should be the place where we collectively gather and respond to the invitation of God—to encounter His revelation.

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Leading Worship in the Midst of Tragedy

While tragedies and sorrows aren’t always on the national or international levels, there are always people in our congregations who come to worship carrying heavy personal burdens. Here are some ways God can use you as you lead your congregations in difficult seasons.

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Dear Senior Pastor of Any Church

It’s not to say that the Senior Pastor is the end-all-be-all in every church, but you are the appointed shepherd and your congregation is likely to value what you value. Your role is a high calling and I’m sure you are thankful for those specialized pastors who serve alongside you.

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