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Author: Jim Ramsay

How Short-term Missions Can Be a Good Thing

Most of the criticism of short term mission is aimed at the negative impacts on the receiving end. But with good planning, communication, prayer, and preparation, these downsides can be largely avoided. Here are some of Jim Ramsay’s suggestions for how to avoid such problems.

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5 Trends in Global Missions

While God’s mission remains unchanged, how we go about participating in His mission has to respond to these changing contexts. Jim Ramsay shares five trends global missions is taking to address changes in world contexts.

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5 Facts that Can Help Churches Better Relate to Their Supported Missionaries

The relationship between missionaries and their supporting churches has a long history, all the way back to the sending of Paul and Barnabas from Antioch (Acts 13). Over recent decades, that relationship had developed assumptions and expectations, some of which may need to be questioned or simply relinquished due to changes in technology, travel, globalization, and new understandings of mission.

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