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Author: Keith Turner

The Desperate Cry of Hosanna

Typically, we shout Hosanna in a celebratory way while our sweet children wave palm branches on Palm Sunday. But, Hosanna is not always a joyful cry. Keith Turner shares the meaning of the word Hosanna and what it means as a cry of desperation: “Lord, save now!”

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Why Confession is Not Enough

We talk about confessing the ways we have fallen short of God’s ideals. Some congregations even repeat a confession liturgy weekly or monthly. But, is confession enough? Keith Turner shares insight on confession and why more is needed.

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How Not to Do Singles Ministry in Church

Recently, there has been a surge of attention on healthy models of marriage ministries within churches. Singles ministry, however, seems to be left out in this renewed understanding of better ministry models. Keith Turner weighs in on some ideas for a better ministry model for singles.

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Pentecost is a Lifestyle

“The same Spirit who breathed life into God’s people, birthing the Church, is the same Spirit who is breathed onto us and breathes flame into our hearts with the same message Jesus gave to his disciples so long ago: ‘You shall be my witnesses.'” Keith Turner explains how Pentecost is not an event, but a lifestyle.

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