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Author: Steve Dunmire

10 Reasons I Hate Preaching (But Do It Anyway)

We see all those preachers who look like they have it all together, confidently declaring the Word of God. But, behind the scenes, it can be really hard to preach week after week. Steve Dunmire shares ten of the reasons he struggles with preaching.

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Six Rules for Joke-Telling Preachers

Jokes can be very useful in a sermon. But, it definitely matters what kinds of jokes you offer and how you deliver them! Steve Dunmire shares some helpful rules for telling jokes from the pulpit.

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When A Sermon Flops: 10 Ways To Diagnose a Dud

“Winning never feels as good as losing feels lousy,” said Pat Riley, the former NBA coach. Likewise, preaching a great sermon never feels as good as preaching a bad sermon feels lousy. My worst attempts at preaching have given me far more pain than my successes have brought me joy, and here are some of the factors that contribute to a homiletical flop.

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Sermon Preparation

How can a pastor make the most of limited sermon preparation time? There is no one right amount of time to spend in working on a message, but whether they are able to spend a lot of time or not, every pastor wants to maximize the impact of their sermon preparation time.

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How Long Does It Take to Write a Sermon

Preaching is the most visible aspect of pastoral ministry, and sermon preparation is a focal point of a preaching pastor’s week. In my own ministry, sermon preparation takes a lot of time and energy. As a preacher I have occasionally wondered how much time other pastors spend preparing their sermons.

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