Back to the Future by Remembering the Past

Back to the Future by Remembering the Past

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I was headed into a strategic planning session the other day and beforehand we were given a scripture to meditate on. The passage for that day was Matthew 6:25-34, summarized well in the last verse: “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.” I had a bit of cognitive dissonance going on meditating on this verse, and my task for the day: to work on strategic planning for my department for the next 5 years. In lifting that up to the Lord, I sensed Him telling me, this is your worry for today. Planning for the future of your department is what I have given you today. There are many other worries looming out in the future that I could take on, but those weren’t given to me today. Today, it has been clear that God has laid out this task for me.

Being the skeptic that I am, I wondered to myself if this is even remotely biblical. Could God be calling me on this day to think on the future? I first remembered Revelation, and then the prophets. In remembering these examples, the Lord prepared me for the task ahead. Because in thinking of these two examples of forward thinking in scripture, the Lord reminded me that there is no place for thinking of the future without also remembering all God has spoken over us in the past.

For my organization, that means a clear commitment to mobilizing the body of Christ to join Jesus in His mission especially among the least reached. For our organization there have been clear moments that we can point to and know that the Lord has spoken and we must respond. These Ebenezer moments are not simply relics to our history, but rather signposts to guide us as we look to our future.

Of course living completely present, in today is the goal. But when God has ordained that today’s agenda includes strategic planning for the future, rather than worry, remember the past. Start with what you know God has told you, and trust He will share more of His heart for where you are headed.


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