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An Enforced Sabbath

As life continues to reopen and return to our new normal, it would be good to consider what lessons we have learned in this abbreviated but enforced sabbath.

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Out of the Rock: The God Who Sees

During this past year, God has held my hand through an unexpected journey of experiences that have at times brought me to mountains of wonder and excitement, and at other times have led me into

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Creating Space & Opportunity for God

I have spent a few weekends over the past few months with the community of Good Works, Inc. in Athens, Ohio ( This organization (which began in 1981) primarily cares for widows, children struggling with

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Essential Leadership Reading

With so many options in the area of leadership books, it can be hard to sort through what is good and what is, well, not as good. So if you’re looking for a few really

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The Benefits of Failure

Against the advice of Dionysius (ironically, the god of madness), Midas asked for the power to turn everything he touched to gold—to power, wealth, prestige.  The next day he hugged his only daughter, turning her

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