Box Wars! A Surprisingly Spiritual Youth Group Game

Box Wars! A Surprisingly Spiritual Youth Group Game

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20131019_143809A team relay game where students run down a slippery tarp while covered in a moving box! My most requested student game EVER!


(These instructions are based on 4 teams – you can have more or less depending on your group size)

  1. In a large grassy area, lay out the tarp using the cones at each end to hold it down and mark off team area.  One cone on each end per team.
  2. After dividing the group into teams (Teams should be at least 8 or more people to make the most of this game), have each team decorate their box with the spray paint – creativity encouraged.  If they have a team name even better!  If you need to protect the grass from paint – have them decorate ON the tarp.
  3. As you organize the teams, have a helper begin to wet down the tarp.  Once really wet, squirt dish soap over the tarp.  Be sure to cover it well, the more the slip and slide –  the better.  As the game goes forward, have your helper continue to keep the tarp wet – especially if the sun is out.
  4. Split teams in half sending one half to each end of the tarp by their cone facing each other. (So Team 1 has two parts looking at each other across the tarp)
  5. Place the team boxes opposite each other.  Team 1 has their box on one end while Team 2 has theirs on the other.  Team 3 on the same end as 1 and Team 4 the same as 2.  Use this diagram as a guide:

box wars

The Game

Place the box over the first person in line. Yes, they can’t really see.  Yes, they can hardly move due to the big box.  Yes, they are “running” and can’t see the person coming at them.

On “GO”, the person needs to make their way across the tarp (soapy and wet) to their teammate waiting on the other end.  Teams can yell and encourage helping the boxed teammate find their way. If players run into each other, which they will, they just get up and keep going.  (which if its slippery may take a few tries)  Honestly, this is the best part of the game!

Once the player reaches their teammate, they take off the box and place it on the next teammate.  Repeat.

First team through all their players wins.  (Note: the box will begin to fall apart as you play.)

Spiritual Debrief

  • Can you find any spiritual connections to Box Wars? Explain.
  • How is Box Wars like following God’s plan?
  • What does the box represent?
    • The tarp?
    • The obstacles?
  • It’s hard to hear your team during the game just as sometime we struggle to hear God?  Did you learn anything from the game that you can apply to hearing God’s voice?


  • Wardrobe Moving Boxes (U-haul sells them fairly cheap) One box per team
  • Spray Paint – variety of colors
  • Access to a hose for water
  • Dish Soap
  • Large Cones are helpful – two per team

Note:  Game is really wet, gets messy, and usually turns into chaos …which means it’s the perfect game!

Check out the youth at Dunwoody UMC playing Box Wars:




6 Responses

    1. There’s always a possibility of injuries with any big game, thankfully we’ve not really had anything major. A few bumps and bruises and one twisted ankle that turned out to be fine. The boxes are so large that it’s hard to get any momentum which keeps speed down as students move across the tarp. It truly is the groups favorite game ever!

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