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What could we possibly get from some ancient practice like chanting? Daniel Rickman-Gibbens shares 6 reasons chanting Scripture or liturgy in worship is good for you.

Even the most soft things can make a deep impression over time. Lindsey Runyan shares how the Word of God breaks through the hardest of hearts.

How can such an old tradition reach a new generation? Morgan Clark shares wisdom on Anglicanism's strengths in evangelism.

Sometimes liturgy can become just another thing we say because that is what we have always done. Anglican Collective shares the remedy that will bring the liturgy back to life for you and your congregation.

Why do we have "the passing of the peace" incorporated into the worship service? Morgan Clark explains the great theological richness of this practice.

Why are we Anglican? Winfield Bevins shares the way the Anglican Faith is grounded in a rich history of prayer.

Just how far has the Anglican Church's influence reached? Winfield Bevins shares the global nature of the Anglican faith.

Why would someone want to convert to Anglicanism? Winfield Bevins explains the riches of this still-vibrant, yet ancient faith.

Christmas is not over on December 26th. Nathan Weaver shares the value of Christmastide and why it is worth celebrating.

What is actually in the Book of Common Prayer? Winfield Bevins gives us a tour.

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