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We are seeing a resurgence in the use of visual arts in worship. Shannon Sigler shares some tips for incorporating it into your service.

Sometimes the best lessons about the sacred come from the most ordinary things. Joel Mooneyhan shares what he learned about ministry from drawing class.

Oftentimes, words utterly fail to explain the things of God. Teddy Ray shares why we should depict rather than describe.

Why is Harry Potter still so relevant to so many people? Molly Just explains what the church might learn from the ways people identify with JK Rowling's wildly popular series.

Do you have a man cave in your home? Christopher Peters shares why you might want to do some remodeling!

Reading keeps our minds sharp and helps us stay current in our understanding of our mission. Shannon Sigler shares some recommended reading for worship, culture, and the arts.

Is reading fantasy fiction a healthy practice, or a harmful distraction? In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. David Grubbs explains how the doctrine of the image of God serves as a foundation for the delight Christians can have in reading fantasy fiction.

Sometimes we all struggle in planning worship for one reason or another. Shannon Sigler shares how the artistic ones in your congregation can be an invaluable help when you are stuck.

We are wired for beauty. Our brains recognize it without training, and our bodies respond to it without thinking. Richard Whetsell explains that it is a principle that applies to ministry as well as creation.

How does music relate to theology, and how might a musical analogy help us better understand the Trinity? Watch today's Seven Minute Seminary by Duke Divinity School's Dr. Jeremy Begbie, professor of theology and musical performer.

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