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Christians are not formed in isolation—the pursuit of holiness is a communal endeavor.

When Methodists have lowered their expectations of what God can do in this life, spiritual and numeric decline have followed.

It is time to retrieve and receive the grand depositum that God has so graciously given to us.

I bind to myself to-day, The strong power of the invocation of the Trinity: The faith of the Trinity in the Unity The Creator of the elements. I...

The first World Missionary Conference marked the beginning of a unique era in global Christianity.

The nature of the church is always to be pressing out to new places and among new peoples as we plant the church afresh in every community.

Augustine was bound in sin and needed to be set free for holy living. This is why conversion cannot be separated from holiness, because this separates the second person of the Trinity from the third person of the Trinity.

There are times in prayer when the need doesn’t let up, when the burden will simply not let go.

Some churches focus on evangelism at the expense of discipleship by seeking to win converts instead of making disciples.

The rapid growth of Methodism would not have been possible without the sacrifices and dedication of the early Wesleyan leaders.

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