Church Historian Investigates the Asbury Revival of 2023

Church Historian Investigates the Asbury Revival of 2023

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Seedbed is pleased to announce the release of Taken by Surprise: The Asbury Revival of 2023 by Mark R. Elliott. A church historian who has held several academic posts over his career and has specialized in East-West relationships in the church, Elliott was a participant in the 1970 Asbury Revival as a graduate student in Lexington, Kentucky, as well a witness to and servant of the 2023 Asbury Revival during its last days. Get a copy of his historical account from our store here.

This book is perfect for:

  • Personal study for those interested in spiritual awakenings, revivals, renewal
  • Those working with emerging adults and younger generations
  • Church historians interested in the Asbury Revival
  • Pastors praying for awakening in their communities
  • Groups hoping to read and learn from inspiring accounts of awakening

Learn more about Taken by Surprise from our store here.


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