Introduction to a Theology of Healing: Video Interview with Stephen Seamands

Introduction to a Theology of Healing: Video Interview with Stephen Seamands

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In this video interview, author Stephen Seamands addresses:

  • The healing dimension to Jesus’ ministry on earth, and his invitation to his followers to participate in this work as an extension of his own ministry since his ascension to the right hand of the Father.
  • An approach to healing that considers a person in his or her entirety—social, psychological, physical, spiritual—which functions as the image of God.
  • The five ways God heals, explaining which one may be the hardest for a modern church to embrace, especially in the West.
  • The mystery involved in healing, and why we are so prone to oversimplifying divine healing, as well as the dangers inherent in ignoring mystery.
  • What difference we would witness in our hearts, homes, churches, and cities if God’s people wholeheartedly embraced the teaching they encounter in Follow the Healer.

Stephen Seamands draws upon four decades of teaching theology and active involvement in healing ministry to help us understand the essential theological foundations for healing ministry in a way that is accessible to all Christians.

If you’re interested in learning more about healing prayer and healing ministry, Seamands’s new book Follow the Healer: Biblical and Theological Foundations for Healing Ministry is the ideal resource. This will encourage you to engage in simple, faithful healing ministry that is grounded in a holistic understanding of the person. It will also help you appreciate the compassionate optimism of God’s healing power while accounting for the mystery of suffering in our fallen creation. The greatest takeaway is that healing ministry belongs to Jesus, so all of the pressure around results rest on him. Jesus’s faithfulness through the diverse ways he heals invites confidence and participation alongside him.

This resource is perfect for:

  • Prayer ministry teams
  • Healing ministry teams
  • Small group leaders
  • Missionaries and evangelists
  • Pastors and Students
  • Individual study

Learn more and pre-order it from our store here (September, 2023). We have also developed a church kit to help entire communities explore the invitation to participate in Jesus’s healing ministry. Explore the church kit here.


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