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Justin Morgan shares the worship plan from his recent Pentecost Sunday worship service.

All Christians perform some sort of weekly liturgy, even if it goes by another name. In today's video, Marty Reardon explains the meaning of liturgy, its significance, and how we can work to introduce healthy liturgy to our congregations.

Do worship services just come together, or should we put some thought into their design? Watch this video interview with Marty Reardon as he discusses the four stages of a powerfully structured divine service.

What makes the difference between an ordinary Sunday service and a dynamic prayer meeting? Kristen Pence shares how making space for God to move can make or break true worship and prayer.

Most of the time, we see the worship leader as providing music while the preacher provides the words. Emily Vermilya shares a different perspective of how the worship leader and the pastor are to work together to tell and retell the story of God.

Being intentional about planning worship is just the first step. In order to catch the vision for the things you can't see, you need a team! Emily Barlow shares three ways a team can help you when planning worship.

We have these amazing moments when we feel such closeness to God in our personal worship. How can we bring those moments together to create the same closeness in the context of communal worship? Michael Jarrell shares some practical steps to get you going in the right direction.

No matter what we are doing, we only have a set amount of resources to spend. Kristen Pence explains how crucial analyzing your return on investment can be when determining how you will spend time, energy, and other assets in worship planning.

Why do we need more worship after the sermon? Emily Vermilya shares what is missing when we have an abrupt stop and dismissal after the preaching is over.

Often, we celebrate the ebb and flow of the church calendar without really knowing what it means or why we do it. But, if we understand what our seasons mean and why we practice them, it can open up a whole new facet of vibrant faith for us. In today's post, Brian Rhea offers four ways for us to understand the concept of Lent.

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