CEB Student Bible: A New Take on an Old Idea

CEB Student Bible: A New Take on an Old Idea

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In a digital age, I’m delighted that publishers will still spend time and money on a print Bible, especially one that is written for and parts of it by students.  In the local church, I was often asked by parents what sort of Bible I recommend for their students, or was purchasing them to have them around our meeting spaces.

While the translation is the Common English Bible, which is according to the publisher “the most contemporary, readable, and reliable English translation of the Bible,” what sets the CEB Student Bible apart are its features.  They will help push and challenge your students, and in turn, you, your volunteers, & parents.  Each book begins with an overview from a Biblical scholar and closes with both reflection questions and practices.  This is ideally suited for students who are serious about God’s word and want to learn more about what the Bible teaches and how it applies to their lives. I also appreciate a diversity in the theological voices that were brought in to contribute to the

It has observations and prayers from students, as well as discussion questions written by professionals who work with youth. These additions really help the reader dive deeper and lead to some great questions. They are also written in a way that will keep students engaged and should provide spiritually fruitful wondering and wandering throughout the Word.  In the back is a helpful, “Well-known Bible passages and stories,” juxtaposed with a quirky, “Less well-known Bible passages and stories.”  

There are a few critiques I have with this edition. Its 1600 pages make it an inch & a half thick and is paperback with a glued spine.  It’s done fine on my office desk, but don’t know how long it would last in the octagon of a jr. high boys Bible Study nor does it have a lot of Biblical aids, extra room for writing notes, or illustrations.  On the whole I feel the CEB Student Bible is a solid contribution and well worth consideration by any wesleyan youth worker.

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