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Author: Eddie Erwin

CEB Student Bible: A New Take on an Old Idea

Are you trying to decide what Bible to buy for your teen? There are so many translations to choose from, not to mention all the features of various study Bibles and thematic presentations! Who can choose from so many? Fear not! Eddie Erwin reviews the CEB Student Bible.

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You Need a Band

Connection with other believers is vitally important in the lives of Christians. Eddie Erwin shares why your youth group needs bands and why you need one in your life, too.

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Don’t Do It Alone: Tips on Connecting

Any ministry can be very isolating, and at times, like you’re on a deserted island. If you’ve been in youth ministry for five weeks or five years, there will be seasons when you feel you are all alone. Eddie Erwin shares wisdom on connecting.

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Elephant Proverbs for Youth Ministry

I recently read an essay from a United Methodist Bishop in which he used an African proverb involving elephants to speak deep truth into a difficult situation. It began an expedition to explore some more of these proverbs and how much wisdom they provided for youth ministry in the 21st century.

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Family Ministry (A Resemble review)

Resemble: Do You Follow Jesus?, the new youth ministry resource from Seedbed is focused on helping you make huge strides in one of the most fruitful (and most often neglected) area of youth ministry: Family Ministry.

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Winterns (The Best Kind of Interns)

An important part of youth ministry can be Summer interns, but only if you are preparing now to develop, “WINTERNS.” It may feel like Summer is months away, or right around the corner, but Summer can important season in your youth ministry, as well as that of your interns.

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