Creation Stations

Creation Stations

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The first impression we get of the character of God is in the creation passages in Genesis. God is a brilliant creator! One way we experience this creator God is by trying to become more like Him.

If one of God’s main roles is as Creator, then when we create, especially when our focus or intent is growing in Him, we experience God. After teaching on this, you can release the youth to spend the rest of the time being creative. Use your imagination! Here’s what came out of our imagination:

Then we dismissed the teens to spend the rest of the evening creating at these stations:

  1. Snow Sculpting:  Using the snowy blend of “Yuck” from Buckets-O-Fun, we made it in three colors and allowed students to create on pieces of tin foil.
  2. Finger Painting:  By far the most popular (go figure).  Fingerpaints, paper, done.
  3. Cookie Decorating:  Cheap Walmart cookies, cheap tub or two of icing, leftover sprinkles from giant sundae.
  4. Flower Arranging:  Donated flowers from florist or cheap grab bag of flowers, scissors and vases or bottles.
  5. Writing/Drawing:  Inspirational photographs, Bibles, paper, pens, pencils.
  6. Garage Band Loops: Get people who have Apple computers to bring them.  They come with a program called Garage Band that students can use to create music from existing loops.
  7. Event Soundtrack: Had one computer plugged into the sound system with the web browser open to“In Bb.”  Students simultaneously play youtube videos in the same key creating a live soundtrack for the event.


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