Homosexuality and Scripture

Gay marriage is one of the most polarizing issues of our time. It has often proven to be an unassailable issue for families and has managed to threaten the unity of local churches and entire denominations. In the middle of this crisis stand individuals who remain confused and perplexed because their personal experience is confronted by the church’s testimony to traditional marriage. It is imperative that Christians thoughtfully engage this topic while retaining its prophetic voice on gender complementarity. However, it is desperately necessary for churches to learn how to compassionately walk alongside gay Christians who want to remain faithful to following Jesus in our difficult contemporary context.

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5 Responses

  1. Oh, you speak the truth! My Savior, Jesus Christ or his Father God love us, protects us, makes each one of with specail to Him.

  2. If you apply the same logic to the issue of slavery you’ll find plenty of biblical evidence to support that most vile of institutions. Dismissing the culture of the time a particular passage was written or ignoring the human error often present in translation suggests a very narrow and likely inaccurate reading of the bible. And it presumes that God hasn’t had anything new to say in nearly 2000 years. As legal, same-sex marriage becomes the norm, if the spirit of Jesus’ comments are that we should be chaste or faithful, the opportunity for fidelity in long-term, committed, legally recognized life-partnerships is available to both heterosexual and gay/lesbian couples.

  3. The Most Reverend,
    Excuse me, but who cares what you can or can’t believe. Our God is holy and He hates all kinds of sin. Everybody who is practicing ANY kind of sin, and doesn’t want to repent and change his/her BEHAVIOUR will not inherit God’s kingdom. It’s a fact if you believe it or not…

  4. Homosexuality – a love for the same sex. Some people are able to get almost equal pleasure from intercourse with any flooring. They are called bisexual.

    Happy homosexuals are rare. Homosexuality is almost always overwhelmed by the crisis. All the details here

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