How Gospel Movements Multiply and Affect Existing Churches

How do gospel movements affect current, existing churches? In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Steve Addison offers a different starting point for church-planting—evangelism and discipleship. He then explores how this movement model multiplies and how traditional churches can participate in this kind of gospel work.

In the last decade, a giant cultural wave has swept the North American church into a brand new world—a pluralistic, complicated, high-tech/low-touch world. Faced with the challenge of engaging a jaded culture, a fresh expression of church has emerged alongside the traditional church.

This short book gives an overview of the Fresh Expressions Movement and its innovative approach to reaching those who would perhaps never come to our church buildings.

About the author: After three decades as an international missionary and a large church pastor, Travis Collins is now the director of Mission Advancement for Fresh Expressions US.

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