Hungry for More of God and What He Can Do


The experience of many Christians on their journey has been one of spiritual stagnation. God’s people often seem void of the power of the gospel to transform hearts, homes, churches, and cities. But what if God’s promise for disciples of Jesus isn’t one of perpetual struggle with recurring sin or dejection, but of thriving and abundant living characterized by holy love? In this video, Dr. Kevin Watson explains the vibrant early history of a group of people called Methodists, and compares that to the faith many have settled for in its place.

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This is Session One from Kevin Watson’s latest book and video series, Perfect Love: Recovering Entire Sanctification—The Lost Power of the Methodist Movement. This book calls all Methodists—the spiritual descendants of the Wesleyan revival, regardless of contemporary denominational expression—back to who we have been at our best, in times when we have been a growing, vibrant, and Spirit-filled movement. It is time to retrieve Methodism’s lost treasure, the doctrine of entire sanctification. This doctrine speaks to the radical optimism that through the work of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can move from struggling to survive as Christians to thriving! Perfect Love provides an in-depth explanation of entire sanctification and helps readers pursue all that God has for us.

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Kevin M. Watson has been in the academy for the past thirteen years. In that context, he has studied, taught, and written six books. After earning tenure at Emory University, Candler School of Theology, Kevin is returning to the local church to practice what he has preached. He will serve as Associate Pastor of Discipleship at First Methodist Church, Waco, Texas. Watson writes at