Insights on Wesleyan Leadership


The following excerpts on church leadership come from the wonderful resource Leadership the Wesleyan Way, edited by Dr. Aaron Perry.

“[In order to release more capable female leaders] churches may need to create and fund positions that capitalize on the skill sets that highly capable women offer. Some churches do this by adopting alternative leadership structures, like strengths-based team leadership. In contrast to traditional hierarchical models that revolve around a single senior pastor who develops vision, communicates it, and oversees a staff who implements it, strengths-based team leadership models redistribute the ministry workload, allowing people to operate from their giftedness and releasing any one person from laboring under a 60-hour work week.

Beth K. Armstrong, PhD, “Clergywomen and Ministry Leadership”

“Christian ministries can struggle with negative climate including ineffective structure, negative milieu, and secular culture, where God, and godly principles, including ethos, historical purpose, power distribution, healthy motivation, are ignored. Christian leaders can become practical atheists. …. [In response,] the steward leader, according to Scripture, is responsible for everything the Master has entrusted to his or her care. Certainly, this responsibility includes time, treasure and talent, but this biblical paradigm of leadership goes beyond these three limited areas of life and ministry to include everything including relationships with the people entrusted to our care, such as employees, spouses, children, grandchildren, and neighbors. Biblical stewardship is an all-of-life paradigm. Every decision in life is ultimately a stewardship decision.

~Brian S. Simmons, “The Challenge of Board Leadership”

The excerpts listed above are used with permission of the editor.


Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry and Pastoral Care at Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. He and his wife, Heather, have three children. Aaron is the author of Putting the Plot Back in Preaching (Seedbed), co-author with Tim Perry of He Ascended into Heaven (Paraclete Press) and editor of Developing Ears to Hear (Emeth Press). Aaron completed his PhD in Organizational Leadership (Regent University). Follow him on Twitter @aaronhmperry