Jesus Fulfills the Story of Salvation (Hebrews Bible Study)

Jesus Fulfills the Story of Salvation (Hebrews Bible Study)

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When taken together, Hebrews and the writings of the Apostle Paul paint a rich picture of salvation. Hebrews 2 in particular helps fill in some of the areas left open in Paul’s exposition of the gospel. The chapter begins with the first of the warning passages in this letter. The logic argues that if Jesus is better than Moses, and those who didn’t listen to Moses suffered just punishment, then how much more will be the suffering of those who neglect the Word of God in Jesus Christ! The chapter continues to explain why the world is suffering and broken—because humanity has sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. In our place, Jesus came to fulfill the vocation of humanity and meet the glory of God, and therefore is able to solve the human problem by atoning for our sins. Since Christ shared in our sufferings and temptations—though resisting the latter—he can therefore serve as a better and more merciful high priest than any previous ones.

In this video segment, Dr. Ken Schenck covers Hebrews 2:1-3, 5-10, 14-18

This Bible study on Hebrews is available for purchase from our store here. It is an eight-week long study with both video and print elements.


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