A Poem for Pentecost

A Poem for Pentecost

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He said be
And everything became so
And in the amount of time it took for breath to pass through lips
A universe boomed, and stars sparked, and worlds began to exist
And all became His

He said breathe
And we became lungs
And we became bodies filled to life
Animated by spirit and instruction
And suddenly this dust had a Father
So we became daughters and sons
And love became both our names and our heritage

He said taste and see
He said faith and believe
He said inhale love’s promises
And exhale whatever lies lead our hearts to lonely

We went astray
Smoke filled our lungs
Sin cut off our airways
Like a knee to the neck
We cried, I can’t breathe
There was no justice, there was no peace

Could He speak again?
Could His Spirit whistle through the caverns of our chests?
Could He send a savior to resuscitate?

They whip His skin
He gasps in pain
He breathes His last
He lay in grave
The Spirit comes
He rises to reign!
He breathes on the church
We rise the same

He says breathe
And we come alive
He says receive
And let Spirit guide
The world needs life
The breath of Christ
Is in our lungs
Say Spirit come!
Say Spirit come!
Spirit come!

We pray . . . Holy Spirit come!

We Sang a Dirge is not a manual on lament, but rather a glance into the lament of its author, Lo Alaman. It is a collection of poems, journeys, prayers, and invitations. He offers no answers here, for only Christ has those to give. Poetry doesn’t seek to share facts, but rather to share an experience. You’ll find no politics or advocacy for any government except the kingdom of God within these pages. What you will find is a window into the joy and grief of following Jesus in this skin.

We pray these poems are a catalyst that open all sorts of windows (hopefully your own). Biblical lament stems from hope that God has more in mind for His people than the brokenness that they find themselves in. These poems are a window into hope.

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