Prayer Against Racial Divides

Prayer Against Racial Divides

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We are one in the Spirit
There are no colors on our souls
No pigments that have seeped deep enough to breach
      the depths of our hearts
For we were all born from the same shade of Your love
May You make us after Your own image
May You, God, orchestrate this symphony of melanin to sing
      the beauty of Your face
May our faces be like music
May our colors compose a song that reflects every genre of Your love
Blending each of these skin tones into a melody that is too beautiful
      for one heart to sing
Form a choir
From the souls You’ve acquired from the grave
That we might sing Your name
And spring forth back into life as vibrant as the promise of Your rainbow
For You have paid the price for every nation and tongue
Who am I to segregate Your treasure?
Don’t let it be so
That when the rooster Jim Crows
We deny the Christ who has called all sheep back into His fold
But instead
Give sight to these color-blind eyes
And make a home out of our lives
I pray that the rhythm of Your heartbeat
Quakes the very landscape of my worldview into loving those around me
Permit us to see just as You see
For You were always one
And always three
So we were always made in the very image of community
And called to worship as such
Just as the morning sun peels back the night’s sky
You undressed the flesh off of Your soul
To present Your Spirit holy to us
That we might find rest
In these blankets of skin You’ve chosen to wrap us in
But may we worship like the breaking of a new day
Pulling back these sheets
And unwrapping our hearts like a present
And present them in the presence of our King
May we not be foolish enough to think
That we confine all Your light to one church
Or contain all of Your glory in just one building
Or limit Your grace to one race or denomination
But may our praises be in both spirit and in truth
For our hearts can only beat so fast
These words can only say so much
And the riches of my gaze often falls cheap on Your glory
These hands can only reach so far
Flesh alone will never give You what You fully deserve
So this skin alone will always limit Your worth
So may we not let skin hinder our worship
But paint Your name on the altar of our lips
Stain our words with the color of Your glory
So that whenever we speak about our races
We must acknowledge that You are the one that won them
For there are no colors on our souls
Nothing here but Your fingerprints
For You hold our lives in the same hands that have shaped the world
So may everything that has breath praise Your grip
For You have multiplied Your descendants as numerous as the stars
May our song crescendo with all of creation
As we sing praises to You our Father
The God of all the universe
And every color it has to offer
Since the beginning
You have carved a new song into the heart of every bird
And they are all different
As if You frown on division but give flight to diversity
I pray that our love grows wings
Takes flight in our communities and soars straight toward You
That You might take joy in our worship
That our song would be the soundtrack of You moving here among us
For we are Yours, God,
The medley of Your image
Living by Your script
Living out our differences
And worshiping together
Until we are all together
As one
In the Spirit
Of You

We Sang a Dirge is not a manual on lament, but rather a glance into the lament of its author, Lo Alaman. It is a collection of poems, journeys, prayers, and invitations. He offers no answers here, for only Christ has those to give. Poetry doesn’t seek to share facts, but rather to share an experience. You’ll find no politics or advocacy for any government except the kingdom of God within these pages. What you will find is a window into the joy and grief of following Jesus in this skin.

We pray these poems are a catalyst that open all sorts of windows (hopefully your own). Biblical lament stems from hope that God has more in mind for His people than the brokenness that they find themselves in. These poems are a window into hope.

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