Public Theologians on Twitter

Public Theologians on Twitter

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Here’s a list of some of our favorite public theologians who are tweeting. Who would you add?


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    1. While male, Miroslav Volf is hardly ‘white’ in the socio-political-racial structure of American culture.

      And Pope Francis isn’t white….at all.

      But I can see where this would bother you, as Russell Moore is probably white enough for the rest of them combined.

      1. they added pope francis; the original post stopped with greg boyd (otherwise, i’d need some remedial counting skills). i agree that volf speaks from a different past, but his present context is the academy in america.

        soong chang rah is always a good voice; don’t know if he tweets though.

  1. I’d second both Jonathan Martin and Len Sweet.

    Christena Cleveland (@CSCleve) isn’t a theologian proper, but tweets liberally about the sociology of the church and reconciliation.

    And Soong-Chan Rah (@profrah) does tweet, though sparingly. I also like Eugene Cho (@EugeneCho)

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